oh christmas treeeeee.

Ho, ho, ho, we got our Christmas tree at Lowes!

I had this plan to go to a special little Christmas tree farm and have Mr. B take out his saw and use his big muscles to cut down the perfect tree, but when I picked him up from work he suggested Lowes and said I would have more time to decorate it if we went there instead of a tree farm. 

But then we went out to eat. At KFC. Also known as-KFMcNasty.

Don't judge me.

Then we ran errands and the whole time I was scared that someone was going to steal our precious little tree out of the truck. If someone did steal our tree and I caught them, I would kick them in the shins. 

Just in case you were wondering.

Well turns out we had to let the tree "fall" a little anyway, so we decorated it the next night.

I love Christmas. And I love FCMS.

Duh, First Christmas Married Syndrome of course!


Megan said...

So pretty. You, and the tree.

Nancy said...

Your tree turned out beautiful!