If I had an Indian name, I'm pretty sure it would be "walks on dirt".
"Yells at dog" and "cries during every lifetime movie" were strong contenders too. 

Did you know that every picture I've taken since March has been with my phone?
Its true. 
And sometimes I get a little obsessed with the sunsets and quiet moments around here. And in those quick minutes I realize how ungrateful I can be at times with what God has just given us.
Whew. Feels good to get that off my chest!
Speaking of chests..
Here's a picture of all the fall decorating that has taken place at my house. 

I named it "the woman's little pumpkins that could".
It speaks to me.  
Actually, it just made me laugh one day and they've been there ever since.
Actually, I still laugh at it.
And I'm laughing right now.


christina said...

love your " yells at dog " name :)

Angie said...

Your posts make me laugh every time. Love getting to keep in touch with ou this way. Keep writing. :)