little latelys


I finally buckled down and bought a straightener for my hair. I've been without one for more than a year and I know it was worth it when I was unloading the dishes and got this line from Shaner:

Well hellllllo. What's your name?  Point proven.

Honesty alert: I don't really enjoy making my husband lunch. Mainly because putting mustard on bread in the morning just doesn't jive with my smelling senses. So knowing that, and forbiding me to listen to Christmas music before Thanksgiving, he told me that I could listen to Christmas music while I make his sandwich.

YES. Final answer. It's the little things. And I know people tell you that all the time, but it really is.

I think last year I talked about needing new grey tights? Its still true. Do those babies look like they'd keep you warm? I mean, I have leg hairs thicker than that. 

We started a new series at church this past week and it's good. Real good. AND this weekend there's a little get together for our serving team.  To say that I'm excited for food and fellowship is the understatment of the year.

Pancakes are on the menu for breakfast tomorrow at 9.

...Just kidding. I'll still be sleeping.


Megan said...

You are soooooo pretty. :)

Noor Unnahar said...

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