awards and weddings. and birthdays.

This weekend did not disappoint. I got to see my husband in a tux (pure sexiness) see my brother in law marry his best friend, show off my best dance moves, catch up with family, catch up with friends who live close that I should be hanging out with more, had our first church service and had to open the balcony for seating, brought out our pillows from the bedroom for a nap on the couch (that's when you know it's serious) and ate my weight in cactus bread.

Just greatness. I feel like I need an award for best weekend. And I'd like it in ribbon form that I can pin to my shirt. I also need an award for being mean for a solid hour yesterday.


This week is birthday week for Mr. B! What? You don't do birthday week? You're a bad wife. Just kidding players. It's actually the first birthday that we've gotten to celebrate while living in the same state, and now we're married, remember? So I'm making it extra special.

Plus I just like celebrating everything. I also like letters and hot tamales.

And now pictures. Because pictures are memories and I'm in charge of keeping memories around here.

Let's make this week great, yes?

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Megan said...

Birthday week! Woot woot!