All this time, I swore that I married my exact opposite. That we were completely different and bumped heads on almost everything.

Then we agreed on opening the windows last night before we went to bed so the house could cool down for today and I about fell over from shock.

Just kidding. Kind of, that actually did happen. But I have other news.

On the Homegoods website they have you take a test where you choose the 5 images that you like the most. Then it calculates what your 'style' is. I thought it would be wrong because I have such a hard time with what I really like, but I gave it a shot.

BAM. I feel like it nailed it on the head. Not on the finger, which I hear hurts. Mr. B yells when it happens and my Dad always did too.


Back to business here. It said my style was the traveler with a side of new country and I like things that mean something or came from somewhere special. I like color and patterns, but I like to incorporate rustic with new. I felt like it copied it from my diary.

So, like any wife would do, I made Mr. B take it. And guess what his style is!?!!! (I'm so excited still!)

His style is new country with a side of traveler!

WHAT. I know. I love it. We're basically twins that like to makeout.

I'm just feeling very inspired lately. To actually use my sewing machine, to paint a little bit, and get a chalkboard somewhere in my house. Maybe a wreath somewhere outside.

Hopefully Copper doesn't eat it.

So, yeah, that was a random ordinary post.

P.S. Does anyone else notice hot sexy and muscular my husbands arms are? I mean, he's basically ripping out those sleeves. Somebody get me a fan over here.


Megan said...

We're basically twins that like to makeout... hilarious.

And now I need to go take the quiz!

Kallie Brelsford said...

let me know what style you are!

Emily said...

how cool is that? i want to do that quiz!
p.s. you crack me uppppp