little latelys.

Can you smell it? FALL IS COMING! Which means Mr. B will be out 'till late, and I'll be able to watch Teen Mom without judgement. It's a win win!

Homeboy made me some shelves for the kitchen that I kiss every morning. I found some sweet kitchen art for a steal of a deal that a little old lady dropped off at the thrift store. Bless her heart. I don't know about anyone else, but when I spy something at a thrift store that I love, I pounce on it like an animal that hasn't eaten for 3 weeks, clutching it tight against me and glaring at anyone that even looks at me.

Hi, how are you?


I'm fun to shop with.

Church launch in 3 weeks!! 3 WEEKS! It's starting to get busier and this week shows it. Tonight we have a small group meeting, Thursday I have worship team and production jam time, and Friday I get to help out in the youth group. You can find me catching teens making out behind the bleachers and handing out WWJD bracelets. Fo sho.

In Copper news, this week has been going pretty good! He's only chewed up one of my heels and eaten 2 ears of corn. That's progress people.

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