let's be real.


I feel like a crazy today. I used to be so good at having a handle on change. You know what happens now? I turn into a wimp. I get stressed easily. I cry and have to ask for forgiveness a lot.

Ew, that's embarassing and wierd to type.

No wait, it actually feels great.

Somebody give this girl a glass of wine.

Our little family is going to Kansas City tonight and I am wishing I could bust 'outta work right now. It's nice outside, sunny and 52 degrees and I think I'm going to pick up some Hot Tamales for the road trip. My sister in law --okay really, she's my sister, all that 'in law' nonsense is just ridiculous-- and both my nephews are all celebrating birthdays and Mr. B said a little date down at the Plaza is in store.

Mr. B recognizing that I would love walking around the Plaza makes me want to have his babies.

Like, yesterday.

Can't wait to see you Kansas City.


Erin said...

just found your cute blog :) cant wait to read more. i love your honesty!

Erin said...

Hope you had so much fun! :) we all have these moments...they are normal!