little latelys.

Let's not talk about what my house looks like right now. And lets not talk about the fact that I only have one hand that has nails painted. And lets definitely not talk about me forgetting to grab my wedding ring yesterday and being scared the whole day that someone was going to break into my house and steal it.

I miss my family something fierce already. And everyone gets to see my Grandma this weekend and I don't, which is a huge bummer in my book.

Its my last day at work today though! Wam bam thank you mam. I'm ready to find a job that I actually love. Life is so much more fun when you enjoy what you do. Who wants to hire an orthodontic assistant?

The only bummer about moving is that I'm moving farther away from Target. I'm used to being able to swing by there whenever I want, even on my lunch break. Now I'll have to plan a whole day excursion to fulfill my obsession with their colorful pillows. Yes, I'm moving farther into the country.

I serioulsy can't believe I just found that shirt online! Kids these days.

I've started taking vitamins. One of them tastes nasty. I'm thinking about switching to the gummies but I'm worried that I'll eat the whole bottle at once.

Lastly, I really..really want this dress from Antrhopologie. Does it look worth the hefty price tag? Probably not. But put this baby on and it feels like you're wearing your favorite blanket/favorite sweatshirt/driving around with your best friend with the windows down and your hair doesn't get nasty/the smell of grass being mowed, and camping in cooler weather where you actually like to be around a campfire.

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Kiri said...

I know how ya feel about target...our nearest one is 45 min away. I'm glad you're looking for a job you love...life is too short to be unhappy! Good luck!