I don't know what I did before discovering Fiestaware. I love it so much that sometimes when Mr. B and I fight, he pulls out a piece of our collection and I melt like butter in the microwave.

Mmm, butter.

My Sister is amazing and found a Fiesta outlet store in Columbia to check out while we were there this past weekend. Wowza, I didn't even know there was such a thing. And this is why I like the internet.

As soon as you park your car you see dishes. Who does that?! It's like a dose of happy right when you pull up! Kind of like a shot of espresso! But without the jitters.

And then I saw that it was 50% off an already 50% off...and I fainted.

Just kidding. 

We left happy and even crazier than before.

And I guess somewhere along the way we turned Chinese.

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Megan said...

Had so much fun with you!