Mr. B hates awkward moments. Homeboy can't even watch them on TV without getting all flustered. And he probably doesn't like these pictures because they are semi awkward. Semi awkward meaning flippin' cute. 

So, when we went to a store that wasn't really an antique store like I thought, but actually a salon where everyone stared at us when we started walking in the door?

Uhhh...hi? My name is Kallie and I thought this was an antique store and it's definitely not because you are all staring at me while you get your hair all did so I'm not going to say a thing. Instead I'm going to slowly turn around and join my embarrassed husband across the street. 

Actually, Mr. B didn't just walk back to the truck- he ran. And I laughed the whole way home. 

Oh, and don't you feel the sexiest when your mascara is running down your face? Because it seems that I definitely do.

Why don't husbands tell you when that happens?

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Megan said...

I too often let the fear of an awkward situation FREAK.ME.OUT... even if it hasn't happened yet but I'm afraid it might, I run the opposite direction.

PS, you're cute!!!