no make up hike.

The weather this winter has been down right crazy. It was 65 degrees yesterday and while on way to go hike at the state park near our house I saw a girl outside.

She was just standing there with a stick in her hand.

"What do I do in January? Aren't I supposed to be freezing? Is this heaven?!" 

I'm pretty good at reading minds.

Anyway, the hike was amazing. Whenever I got a chance I would walk near the edge of steep cliffs, making Mr. B's knees weak because he hates heights. 

It's 'bout time I make his knees weak, he's been doing that to me for years. 

I love hikes with that guy. 

And I love that he'll hike with me even when I have no makeup on. Double score. 


Jennifer Blair said...

aw, you two are so adorable...and you look gorgeous even with out make up! ;)

Erin said...

you two are so sweet! :) no makeup on you = gorgeous natural beauty!