did you know?

It's my sister's birthday! In honor of that, I put together a few things you didn't know about her!

I used to live with her a couple years ago and she would wake me up in the morning by putting Jaxon in my bed. I loved that so much.

Her hubby Tyler loves to roll his eyes at us at us when we said we want a diet coke from McDonalds.

We're really hoping that someday we can live by each other.

She's the most organized person in our family.

When she was younger, she'd rearrange her room a couple times a month and keep a daily journal. And I have no idea how I know that...?

We both have our husbands names on the same wall at our old house. I copied her because I always copy her.

She likes ice cubes in her wine.

I bawled like a baby when I first walked into her hospital room after she had Jaxon.

She's amazing at giving marriage and life advice.

You definitely want her to rub your back at some point in your life. It's miraculous.

When we shop, we are usually sending outfit pictures to each other to see what looks good.

We're best friends.

Love you Sister.

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Megan said...

Oh my goodness, why do you have to make me cry on my birthday!

First it was laughs, then the tears came, now I'm just smiling.

Thanks Sister... YOU truly are my best friend! Love you!