a side of crazy.

Do you know what I do when I'm home alone on a Friday night?

Watch Say Yes to the Dress.

Do you know what I do after that?

Find pictures on the internet like this:


And then I drool.

And call Mr. B to see if he still loves me. 

Good news! He didn't answer the phone so he doesn't know that I'm totally crazy. 



Kiri said...

I'm also home alone on a Friday night...eating an abnormal amount of gummi lifesavers, watching family guy, and tying ribbon on bags for our candy buffet. lol Exciting lives we lead ;) And take it from another (borderline) crazy girl, he still loves you ;)


Megan said...

Oh em gee. Beautiful.

Are those hydrangeas?

Kallie said...

Haha, oh good, I don't feel as crazy then ;) Gummi lifesavers=awesome. I love candy buffets at weddings, yours is so soon!

kayla rotola said...

Those bridesmaid dresses are adorable! I want them just for wearing.