Irish Day.

Happy St. Patrick's Day! Do you want to see what I was doing last year on St. Patrick's Day?

Going on a McDonalds date with Mr. McHOT pants. Ohhhhh yeah. 

Do I sincerely care about this day? Not so much. But everyone from the office was supposed to bring a goody to share and once again my treat was awkward.

Awkward because all the wives and mothers brought home baked brownies, spinach dip, etc. And I walk in toting my plastic bag.

Keebler cookies from Walmart.

I should be proud of myself, at least they were name brand and not Walmart cookies, right? Next time maybe I'll up my game and put them in a tupperware container so it looks like I made them.

A Pampered Chef container.

I just want to be liked, okay?!

All awkwardness aside, I kind of had a incredible day.

-It was 75 degrees, with a hint of a spring breeze.

-I had a 10 minute nap while my brother played the acoustic.

-The windows were open while I napped.

-I don't have anywhere to go this weekend. So come see me.

-I got to chat with my sister on the phone for more than 5 minutes. YES.

-I wore perfume today.

-It's my Friday.


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Angie Lomas said...

Just wait until you get married. I used to bring HyVee brownies to things all the time...now that im married, there's this huge unspoken pressure to out-bake the other wives at church, small group, etc! :)