my new favorite thing.

I went against all of my standards today and bought a bracelet on a whim.

Blue is definitely my favorite color. And I bought it at church. So, I figured God was dragging me to that darn table. I tried to fight it, but when the lady said " Well of course we take credit sweetheart!"  I was hooked. 

Because the bracelet is gorgeous. 

And because she called me sweetheart. 

Who's ready for a great week? 


Katie said...

hahaha! I would have done just the same thing :)
and I'm in love with your blog...so cute!

Kallie said...

Awh, thank you so much Katie!

Megan said...


Leah said...

A great week indeed! :)

meme-and-he said...

whatever it takes to justify the purchace! :) I love it!

Megan said...

SISTER! You forgot to wear this at your wedding!!!!