snow storm.

The word snow came up on the weather forecast Tuesday and everyone around here thought the world was coming to an end. HyVee and Walmart were packed with scrambling people picking up milk, peanut butter, cheese, bread and hot tamales.

Because you need all 5 of those items to live, you see.

I'm not afraid of snow at all. I think it's fun to drive in, it's easy on the eyes (unless it's sunny out) and that's what you get in January when you live in the Midwest.

Don't like it? Move to Texas.

Oh, if you do that you have stop by my sister's house. She's makes a mean taco puff.

Anyway, I wandered outside on my lunch break today to capture some footage of the massive amount of snow that we rarely get here in good ol' Missouri.

Do you like my pink scrub pants and oversized boots?  No, you cannot borrow them. Yes, we have a mirror in our garage.

Mr. B, do I look smokin' hot or what?

Wait, don't answer that.

I love it. 

Well, ask me if I love it in 2 weeks and I'll probably tell you a different story. 

But that's my story today and I'm stickin' to it! 

Love and snow,

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