kirksville date.

Mr. B and I have been long distance since as long as I can remember.  He was learning how to weld things together in Iowa and I was running around the track pretending to be fast in Kansas. We just love being away from each other!

Except for the part that we hate it. So, the other day when we were missin' each other we decided to meet halfway for a little hand holding action.

First stop, the Wooden Nickel. A little pasta cafe on the square made our bellies very full and satisfied. I thought I had snagged a pretty handsome date and apparently so did the waitress! She was a giggle monster, laughing and twirling her hair at everything he said.

"Can I get a.."


"Does it come with..?"


Ha, girl please. I didn't really mind because I was sitting by the heater and it was warming my tush.

Tush? Who says that anymore?

After lunch we went to Orchelens farm store. We walked around looking at button up shirts, Mr. B taught me what gloves keep your fingers warm the longest, he serenaded me with a little Jason Aldean tune, and opened the door for me. Twice!

Dates like this are very bittersweet. They are great because it switches things up and makes you be spontaneous, but at the same time it's a bummer because it means you don't see each other all the time. 

To put it simple, I'll take every date I can get with this boy. 

Because he looks good in plaid. And who can resist a man in plaid? 


kayla rotola said...

cute pictures. : ) do you just edit them, or do you have a special camera that makes them colored like that?

kayla rotola said...

cute photos. : ) do you have a special camera that makes them that color, or do you just edit them to look that way?

Megan said...

You're so beautiful.

Kallie said...

Kayla- I use photoshop! I wish I had a sweet camera that would just do it on its own, it'd probably save me some time :)

Sister- So are you. :)

Kiri said...

Sickeningly cute! ;) So...when are you two gonna get engaged?! As a fellow "we've been together for.freakin.ever couple"! hahah


Kallie said...

Ha, I hope soon Kiri! For now I'm just living my life vicariously through your wedding planning ;) haha