Conversations part 3.

Scene One-  This conversation starts out at the thrift store. In the air is the aroma from a woman nearby who smells like tartar sauce that's been under a car seat for a month.

*ring ring* 

Mr. B: Hello.

K: Hey, quick question for you.

Mr. B: What's that?

K: What if I bought some plates?

Mr. B: Like, a dinner plate you eat off of?

K: Yeah. They're white! And from Pier One. And a really good deal.

Mr. B: Well, it sounds good to me.

*A smile starts creeping from my left ear to my right*

K: Okay, I'm going to get them!

Mr. B: Alright. I love you Kallie.

K: Love you too.


So, I officially have started a collection of white plates!

I feel like I won the Olympics or something.

Who wants to come over and eat off of them? We might have to take turns because there are only three. Total.

But they are so pretty! Little do they know that they will probably have some interesting food combinations on them when I start cooking someday. Poor babies.

And look! They are so photogenic! 

Excuse me, but I have to go wash my plates now. 

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