i love to dance.

I used to spend Wednesday nights planted in front of the television sucked into reality shows and sappy drama series.

Now I do that on Thursday nights.

On Wednesdays I drag my rear to Zumba!

I finally made myself try out a class with my co-workers a couple weeks ago and now I'm hooked. It's different than any workout I've ever done because it's basically a dance class.

Yes, I said dance. I'm hesitant to invite anyone to come with me because you don't want to see this girl dance. When I start shakin' my thing it's awkward.

I look like Forrest Gump trying to roll his hips and shake his rear.

And I hit the lady next to me twice last night. I think she complained to the instructor after class was over.

"Miss sexy dance instructor? There's this girl, she's the one over there that is drenched in sweat and looks like cat poop. She is so bad that she's distracting me from enjoying the class. See these bruises? That's from her hitting me with her arm."

Hopefully as time goes on I get a little better.

Cha cha cha.

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