what's in your bed?

Someday I will be dedicated to making my bed every morning.

Because I'm sure June Cleaver did that, and she's my life role-model.

Her, and Sarah Palin.

But this what my bed looks like on a daily basis.

While most people sleep with stuffed animals, I found out that I've been sleeping with dirty socks. 5 to be exact. Don't worry, I'm sure the 6th one is in sock heaven. Wherever that is. 

I need to buckle down and make my bed everyday!

I need to get motivated.

I need to wear pearls while I make my bed.

I need to buy pearls. 

I need to find that 6th sock.


Megan said...

The other morning I woke up with a sore back only to realize I had slept on a binky all night. Yep, that's what's in my bed.

Trisha Marie said...

i find socks in my bed too! no joke.
also...making the bed is easy and fast.
(and you feel accomplished. ha)

Kallie said...

Trisha you're such a big girl now!

Teach me your ways. :)