We got it!

Our Christmas tree that is, and she sure is purrrrrdy!

It was quite an excursion on Friday. Our first destination didn't really have a good selection to choose from. I would say the Garmin was having an off day with directions.

We started sawing down the tree in the front yard, but then the owner stormed out of his house and yelled at us to, "Sca-daddle, get!" 

Did that really happen? I'll never tell. 

Our second option was much friendlier. 

A very nice older man greeted us when we pulled up and even said we could drive in the back pastures and cut down our own tree if we didn't want a pre-cut tree. He was so sweet, even his breath smelled like Christmas. 

Is it good that I could smell his breath from the middle of the car? That answer is still undecided. 

Picking Christmas trees is kind of like being a captain and picking your team members for dodgeball. 

"Egh, that one is UGLY."

"Too short."

"Too big."

After being a big bully, I picked the perfect one. And planted a wet one on it. 

At this point, I was on cloud 9. Skipping around just like I used to do when I was 5. Except this time I was fully clothed. 

The day was a success. 


Joseph said...

It is beautiful Kallie! Glad to hear you were fully clothed this time! LOL
Your Uncle is such a scrooge, won't put up a tree cause no one will come to see it anyways! Maybe you should give him a spanking! :-)
Darn it! I don't have a google account... guess I will have to use his!

Lindsey said...

thats so cool!! we just always have had a fake tree :( looks fun though! and its very pretty! have a merry christmas kal!