Ah, fudge.

Reason  #56 why Christmas blows my socks off: the festivities. Instead of sitting at home in your jammies under a blanket, you can be outside freezing your rear off!

And lets be honest, you're allowed to freeze your rear off this month because we replace it and double it's size with Christmas dinner.

And Christmas cookies.

And maybe fudge.

Anyway, the most recent activity was the living windows downtown! Most of the shops participated by having people in their windows acting out some sort of story. Here's a few of my favorites.

Harry Potter anyone?

This lady was the 12 days of Christmas. I liked her tights. 

A cute vintage set up. They did a really good job, but I may be a little biased because their store is so cool. 

Cute outfits gals!

Also, that night I gave my ever lovin' heart away. 

To the candy factory of course! They didn't have a window display, but really who needs a display when you have every sort of candy imaginable inside? The place is unbelievable. 

The best part? They were handing out fudge samples and hot cider to everyone. 
I went back 2 times. 
Or 10. 

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