i love.

I really just love, looooove a lot of things right now.

I love my best friend. She is my soul mate to the core. We laughed so hard on the phone tonight talking about cheese rarebit.* I was crying real tears.

I love my job. The people, my boss, the patients. I love the way that I look forward to going to work, the feeling of accomplishment that it brings me. Oh, and the fact that I can openly say I don't like cats and my friend Julie still likes me.

I love reading my old diaries. I swear if I sold them to the Hallmark channel I'd be making millions. Then I'd use all my money to give teenager girls a diary to keep forever. And to buy unlimited Hot Tamales.

I love the feeling of your cheeks hurting because you've been smiling too much. I caught myself doing that tonight listening to the kids tell Santa what they wanted for Christmas.  Too bad Santa had a six pack of abs under his big suit. Ow ow! Santa is gettin' sexy!

I love this photo of my brother and I in Texas last weekend. I was holding on for dear life/reenacting riding horses when I was younger.  Look familiar Chad? I only held on so tight because I just loved you so much. 

And because I thought I was going to meet Jesus if I didn't. 

I love Coldplay. And I love Christmas. Coldplay+Christmas song? Ohhhhhh baby, yes. Chris Martin, you can sing to me any day. 

I love candles. A lot.

And I love you.

And you.

And...not you.



You too. 


*Cheese rarebit was a delicacy at North Mahaska high school in New Sharon, Iowa. It consists of little pieces of toasted bread with cheese spread on top served with little wienies on the side. And if you didn't want to eat it, you weren't American. 

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Megan said...

Woah, wait. I thought it was called Cheese Rarebit because you were RARE if you actually liked it.