tomato face.

There are moments that I miss my younger brother.

You know what I don't miss? Walking into our laundry room in my towel (I was practically naked.) to discover that one of his friends was sleeping in there. Too bad he woke up when I turned on the light.

Oh, my face. You should've seen it.

No, scratch that.

Picture a tomato. Now put that tomato on my face.

There ya go. That was me.

Tonight I overheard him and his friends talking about underwear. Then I walked into the room and found them comparing.

Yes, it was awkward.

Yes, I eavesdropped a little more.

"Hey, do you ever wonder why they call it a pair of underwear?"

"That's because there are two holes for your legs."

"But you don't call a t-shirt a pair of t-shirts."

Good call guys. Good call.

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