baking time.

My sister did a super cute post a couple weeks ago about her son Jaxon helping her make cookies. At the end of the post she challenged everyone to try out the recipe and not to forget to recruit a helper.

Naturally I listened, because I always listen to my sister. When I was 5 she told me to go show my Dad that I could stick up my middle finger by itself. Then my Dad showed me the wooden spoon.

How to bake with a 22 year old, good looking boy. 

#1- Pray for patience. I know my sister had this as her number one too, but sometimes Mr. B acts like he's 2. Does that count? 

#2-Make sure and bake right before the sun sets. Then you'll be able to run outside real quick to take picture. Don't forget to wear boots that are 7 sizes bigger than your feet so you almost biff it in the driveway.  

#3- Explain the rules. Such as "don't eat these, I'm taking them to a party tonight" and "try and not boss me around too much in the kitchen." 

#4- Stare him down while he smirks at your rules. Then plot a series of getting revenge starting with you not plugging his toothbrush back in after you use the outlet.  Ha! That'll teach him. 

#4- Talk about your future children wearing Carhartt overalls. 

#5- Watch him break the rules. 

#6- Always remember that baking in a 90 degree kitchen really makes it baking in a 100 degree kitchen during the process. Hence your helper not wearing a shirt. Believe me, I was not complaining one bit. 

#7- Be thankful for quality time. And that today (unlike the last time I listened to my sister), wooden spoons were only used for baking purposes. 


Angie said...

Your blogs away make me laugh. :)

Megan said...

Love.it. :)