Oh Christmas Tree.

Since Thanksgiving has officially come (made me gain 5 pounds) and gone, it's officially time to start with the Christmas festivities. Growing up we always had a real tree in the window of our front door that made the house smell like pine. Then one sad year my parents became little pansies and bought a fake one.

Well not this year.

This year we're going Paul Bunyan style and hacking down our own! None of this buying a tree at Mahaska Drug or HyVee business, it's time to whip out the ax.

Or chainsaw.

I can just see it now! I'll be running around with a chainsaw trying to pick out the perfect tree.

Wait, is there a chainsaw rule kind of like the scissor rule? No running with chainsaws?

Fair enough, I'll just walk fast.

P.S. I wish my last name was Bunyan. 

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Megan said...

Ha! I just love you. Can't wait to smell that pine.