let's get together, yeah yeah yeah.

These are my friends. Try not to drool.

What am I saying, you go ahead and drool all you want. Just know that two of them are happily married, one is moving to Texas in a couple days, one is going to Nebraska this summer for a kick butt internship, and the last one puts mustard on her Doritos.

We're all in our twenties. All love to laugh. All have straight teeth. 

Sorry, I work at an orthodontic office. What do you expect?

We may or may not have had different posing situations for the pictures below. I cannot confirm nor deny that we posed as body builders, acted like we farted in church, stared at a fly on the wall, and just found out that our dog was dead in the ditch. 

Alright, I'll confirm that the last photo is supposed to be that we just found our dog dead in a ditch. Don't call PETA on us for laughing instead of crying. 

Except Melinda seemed sad. She had her lip stuck out so far a bird pooped on it. 

I hate birds. 

Anyway, thanks to the lovely host! Her soup was delicious and the house was spic-n-span. 

Getting together with all of them made me realize how important it is to stay connected with everyone. We've all grown so much, but at the same time nothing has changed. 

Amen to that.

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Melinda said...

Ha! Look how sad I am about that dead dog. Ironic. I don't even like dogs :) Miss you girlfriend.