why is this game so hard?

I'm talkin' about golf here people. My brother asked me to go with him tonight, and of course I said yes. 

Here he is, showin' his "44 score" form. 

"Did you see where my ball went? Oh, I hit it too far? Ok."

And here is me showing my stuff! 
Oh, that's right. 

I suck. 

I learned 2 very important things tonight. 

1. I don't know golf lingo. 
Jason says to me,"Kallie, for this shot you could use your sand wench."  When he said that, I thought that he said sandwich and my mouth started watering so of course I thought he stashed something good in his wallet for me to eat. I was wrong.
2. I don't wear the right shoes. Flips flops don't count? What kind of place is this?
3. Golf isn't a good game to play to boost the self esteem. 
4. I feel awkward when I play golf.
5. I look funny when I play golf.
6. Some golf balls are a tad overweight. Seriously, mine could never get off the ground. 

That was 6 . Sorry.

Well, good thing we had fun. I'll go again just for that. 

Thanks for asking me Jay. 

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Jason said...

kallie. it's called a sand WEDGE.