brotherly love.

Remember when my brother face planted into the dirt after jumping off the swing?  It's because him, my younger brother, and Mr. B were competing to see who could jump the farthest.

Madness I tell you!

Before I release who won, I'll let you try and figure it out from the photos I snapped.

Contestant number one: Chad.
Chad is a working adult of three kids. He's been married to his lovely wife Kaela for 7 years.  Chad enjoys Apple products, hamballs, and driving his mini-van around town listening to The Sailor Sequence. Ladies and Gents, Chad Carmichael!

I think Mr. B is laughing in the background.

Contestant number 2: Mr. B.
Mr. B is a college student in Iowa. He's been my boyfriend since I had braces and didn't know what a flat iron was, which means he should an extra point, or ten. Mr. B likes to be outside riding a tractor, eating steak and potatoes, and occasionally getting the town cop all flustered. Give it up for Shane!

Contestant number 3: Jay.
Jason is also a college student, but spending all his time playing football. He's currently a single bachelor waiting for a girl that appreciates his laid back personality. He enjoys being his own boss for his company Elite Lawn Care, eating, and always forgetting his wallet in hopes of being the biggest mooch of all time. Introducing Jason Carmichael. 

Holy mackerel.

"Did you see Chad's jump?"
"Yeah, that's pretty embarrassing. I think Landen even saw it and was shaking his head."
"Maybe we should let him try again."

I don't know if he went farther after this jump, I was too busy checking out the wood chips in his teeth. 

Who do you think won? 


Megan said...

In style points? Definitely Jason.

holliejean said...

yup, Jason for sure. i feel like he needs to make that his profile picture. what an all-star!!