Conversations Number 2.

Lately I've been missing Mr. B more than ever. I'll be truthful, somedays I let it get the best of me and I go into a slump mode where I call him a couple times in an hour just to see if he'll feel sorry for me.

It never works.

He has a heart of steel. It only turns soft if you make him food. Or start talking to him about corn and such.

*Ring ring*

K: Hey babe

S: Hello, what are you doin'?

K: Having a pity party.

S: Don't invite me, I don't want to come.

*Cue pouty lip*

K: Why not? I always come to your parties!

S: I don't have parties.

K: Yes you do. Sometimes you get frustrated and I try to calm you down, then you tell me I'm the best girlfriend in the world. And I remember one time you said that you'd give me a back rub anytime I want. 

S: I doubt that last part Kallie, but I miss you too.

K: So, do you want to come? I'll make cookies!

S: Hey Clayton is calling me, I'll talk to you later.

He never came to my party.
I still love him even though he's a punk.

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