I now pronounce you a wife.

I'm spending today recovering from Mrs. McMahan's wedding this weekend. I fell asleep last night so fast that I forgot to take off my socks. No need to worry, this morning I woke up and they were at the bottom of my bed tangled in my sheets.


Mrs. Kelsey McMahan?

That means my friend is officially married.

Which means she has a house.

And a dog.

And she has to fold whitey tidies.

And her closet is full of aprons.

And she could have babies.

Like 10 of them.

Good lordy, weren't we just getting our braces on?

Does this mean I have to wear depends soon?


Monica said...

Thanks for making me feel old...I'm not wearing depends yet though!

Kallie said...

But Monica, you're funny. Not old. There's a difference!