Rainy rainy.

My sister gets to act like Noah this week. She's building an ark as I type this!

Don't laugh at her. Do you remember the crazy stories from the people who laughed at Noah?

You don't? That's because they died.

Waco, Texas is getting buckets of rain this week. 5 gallon buckets.  Maybe the rain will get rid of all those ugly Baylor girls that live there. And by ugly I mean drop dead gorgeous. Does that college even accept girls that have any flaws? It's like there is a secret rule in small print on the application.

"Don't apply to Baylor unless you are 5'10'', have silky long hair, shave your legs every day, and can go days without eating. Go Bears!"


One of my best friends from high school is getting married this weekend and I'm really excited for her. Like, peeing my pants excited.

Maybe I shouldn't do that on Saturday. It might distract people.

Weddings are God sent. They are the only thing that can make me laugh and cry in 30 minutes.

Well, diet coke from McDonalds does that to me also. I giggle nervously when I get to have it, and bawl when it's gone.

Like a baby.

But I get that from my sister.

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Megan said...

Baaahahaha, simply hilarious. It is so so true about the McD's diet coke. Think I might have to go get one right this second.