Addiction Anonymous.

Hi, my name is Kallie.

(Hi Kallie)

Well. Here goes nothin'.

 My addiction started a couple years ago in my sisters basement. I almost want to blame my addiction on Netflix because they let my sister and I rent every single season of Grey's Anatomy. From that night on every chance that we got we would grab a diet coke, belt out the theme song (yes, there used to be words and then they removed them), and head to the basement.

Ever since then, I've been a junkie. A lover. A dedicated fan. Telling people that I can't do anything on Thursday nights and skipping a couple night classes in college just to catch a new episode.

Today, I stepped inside an elevator and immediately thought of McDreamy and Meredith. And I can't open a closet door at work without thinking that there might be a couple doing the McNasty behind it.

Oh, and I have a countdown for when the new season starts again in September.

Which by the way is a great month.

Somebody help me.

Thank you.


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Megan said...

I just laughed really hard reading this.