Conversation Number One.

I thought I'd share a typical conversation between the handsome one and myself. I apologize in advance. 

Scene One- Driving in the car

K :Did you know what happened to me today? I came home from work and all the sudden-

S: Hey! Look at the number on that tractor and tell me what it is.

K: Oh, it's a 672.8 International. 

{Then he looks at me like this}
S: No it's not. 

K: Yes it is. Why don't you believe me?

S: Because I know it's a 460, I just wanted to make sure. 

K: Well, I had my fingers crossed when I told you that.

S: You did?

K: Yeah.

S: You're cute, you know that?


I love it when he tells me that. 

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