Here's to you.

I hope this makes you laugh, because for some reason I laugh so hard that I get severe stomach pains and have to be taken to the E.R. immediately.

Also, for some reason when other people watch this video they think that there might be a monkey in the background? No worrries, I'm not stashing a monkey in my apartment--that's just my laugh.

Don't say I never warned ya. Enjoy!

I went to HyVee today.. I only had a couple tortilla chips with some delish salsa, a half a bagel with nutella on it, a few cheddar chips, chicken that was marinated in some weird sauce, and a piece of cheese. I think I hit all the major food groups with that one! I told you that HyVee basically gives out free dinner! No one ever believes me...you'll all pay when the world is coming to an end and people are dying from starvation and I'm fat from going to Hyvee. Just sayin'...

Tomorrow is Friday and I am PUMPED. P.U.M.P pumped!

That didn't make sense, sorry. :)


Anonymous said...

It really does sound like there's a monkey in the background! HAHA!

Megan said...

Andrea looks like a man.