Snap snap!

Kansas in March is perfect.
I got to spend this past weekend with my family, and can I just ask everyone who actually lives with or by their family to soak up every minute of it? You are so incredibly lucky. My weekend was amazing, so thanks guys! I love you!

Oh why must you be so cute? (Look at my sisters pretty teeth!)
After a dance party. Can't wait for next time when we get our pedicures.
Brynn soaking up the attention while we sang to her.
Havin' fun on Sunday.
How can you say no to those eyes?!
Perfect shot of Liv and Grandpa.
My favorite picture of Liv!
Brynn loved the swing.
I still don't really know what this face means, good thing its adorable.
Landon and Alivia lookin' spiffy in their new coats from Grandma Nancy!
Perfect weather.

Dear Iowa:
Please get the memo and get rid of the rest of the snow. Because it just sucks.
Thank you. :)

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Laurie said...

OMG I look horrible!!!! Can't you fix me with some iphoto stuff?? Thanks!!! Can you say tired without makeup and shower? Sure you can....AHHHHHH