Today is so boring. I'm watching a movie right now. The second one of today. Ew. Someone please slap me across the face.

I'd go do something, but the shower is too far of a jaunt and I might pass out from exhaustion.

And if I go out looking like I do, people might stare at me. That's always awkward.

This morning Andrea and I went to go look at a house for her..and we almost died. We go to leave and she's like "Hey! Let's check out the garage!" She might as well have said "Hey, Let's check out the garage that looks like we might stumble across a dead body in it!" Low and behold---no dead body---BUT when we opened the garage doors some nasty, flapping, scary, deadly birds flew right above our heads. I'm pretty sure the neighbors heard us, and I'm pretty sure I wished I had worn a diaper instead of underwear. Who would have thought you had to wear Depends when going house hunting?

Not me.


Megan said...

you and those birds... you know what i said about that bird statue!

Angie said...

Birds? You KNOW my brother would have pooped his pants a million times over if it happened to him.