warm cup catch up

Warm cup catch up = me sitting across from you at my kitchen table with something warm in our hands. Preferably still in our pajamas. You didn't shower? Me neither!


Rhett found his eyebrows. Which means that you could walk into my house at any given time and hear me laughing.

He also went to daycare 3 days this week and it was not the best thing ever. But we're giving it a fair shot and I'm going to try and be positive about it until we decide if it's the right fit for our family. 

(I sound so grown up in 2016!)

I took the month off of social media in last month and HOLYCOWILOVEDIT. Seriously. I read 3 books.

1-- Make it Happen - Lara Casey (This girl knows how to light fire under your rear.)
2-- The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing - Marie Kondo (I literally only have 7 pairs of underwear in my dresser because of her. Shane also likes to yell at me in Japanese when he sees I have 2 of something.)
3-- For the Love - Jen Hatmaker (I mean. C'mon. She's the greatest.)

During the hiatus though, my girl Becky posted this picture of us and said a bunch of sappy things that I didn't even know about because I had no access to instagram.

We also showed up to small group when it was cancelled because it was changed on Facebook.

I didn't know we were invited to a new years party because the event was created on Facebook.

Let's use our phones for better things this year, yes?

Anyway, I love sappy instagram posts. And I love this girl.

We partied hard on New Years Eve by going to Applebees (ew.) for dinner and being in bed before midnight. Then my parents came for the rest of the weekend and helped us with our house.

No it's still not done.

But it's so close!

Just like this guy is so close to rolling over.

Gol, I could kiss those cheeks forever.

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