tree hunting as a family of 3

The first year that we lived in Grinnell I googled tree farms and found the cutest tree farm that ever lived.

They have real reindeer and give you wagons to use when your legs get tired from all the walking!

At least that's what we use them for.

The only bummer with our favorite tree farm is that they aren't open during the week, and my husband really likes hunting bambi the first weekend of every December. So - either we need to go early (which we always forget) or have to wait until the second weekend of December. 

In my Christmas loving ways, that just doesn't sit well so off we went to a new place - and accidentally cut down a tree that wasn't supposed to be cut down. 

"Um. Where did you find this? This tree is a $200 landscaping tree."


I almost pooped my pants. 

But then he gave us apple cider and popcorn and didn't charge us for the tree. 

Moral of the story: Iowa people are nice. 

Tree Hunting from Kallie Brelsford on Vimeo.

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