{Dear Rhett}

Lately, you've been doing the plank when laying on Papa's chest.

You are possibly the noisiest eater. Ever. 

You have started to smile at Mama. 

You love to look at lights and eat in the back seat of the car. 

You hate (and I mean hate) having your arms constricted when getting dressed. Swaddling? Your favorite way to sleep.

 Your red hair is the talk of the town. 

And you've shown me that control is simply a word in the dictionary these days. Grateful to be tired, happy, and your Mama. 

Happy 1 month (last Sunday!) Bubba Bear. 


Megan said...

SWEETEST BOY EVER. You're an amazing Mama.

Laurie said...

I believe he is grateful for his parents too !

Nancy Carbiener said...

Such amazing pictures! Love, love, love to see them! Makes me smile...... want so badly to meet you!

Sherri said...

Yah! Red hair!!!