Funny things have been happening around here that I feel need some documentation so when I talk about them with strangers they can't send me to the loony bin. Got my back? Let's get down to it.

Pregnancy is weird and awesome.

I thought that the first and third trimester was when the sleepiness was in its' full force.

Tell that to the girl that is now going to her car during lunch time to get a little cat nap in.

My dreams? Also weird and awesome. I somehow end up always rescuing everyone with my super power ways and then tell everyone it's all because of Jesus.

I also woke myself up a couple nights ago picking my nose - so there's that.

Mr. B has been quite the comedian lately too.

Wait - let me tell you the quickest story about Mr. B. Does everyone know Chip Gaines? He's pretty much a funny husband who always says really cute things to his super cute wife Joanna. Or should I call her JoJo?

(Hi my name is Kallie and I'm a Fixer Upper junkie!)

Mr. B is Chip Gaines. Chip Gaines is Mr. B.

The only difference is that this Chip guy is really public about his personality and picking on his cute wife in little cute ways all the time - and Mr. B is only like that one on one.

If you see little glimpses of it then consider yourself family.

And honestly I can't remember any of the funny stuff I was just going to write about Mr. B so I guess I'll just land on a picture of me at 19 weeks.

Almost halfway little babe!

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Melinda said...

So awesome. :)