losing it. only sorta.

(Will someone help me decide what color to paint my end tables? mmmthanks!)

Last week I started writing and the only thing that I could muster up was:

"I just feel like I'm forgetting something.."

Guess why? STORY OF MY LIFE. Mostly pertaining to my debit card.

My Dad visited on Tuesday and the only reason I knew about it was because he called me and left a voicemail that I almost didn't even listen to because voicemails are from the devil.

Which got me thinking - this year, December feels like I'm in a huge crowd holding on to Shane's belt loops so I don't lose him in the madness, and he's pulling me as fast as he can.

I can't really see what's going on - I mean, I kind of see things as they slip right by, but to really zone in on something feels like a 2 year old trying to take a picture.


Out of focus.

Covered in saliva.

(Okay maybe not the last one.)

This could be because of 2 reasons:

A) I need glasses. Preferably really cute ones like my sisters.


B) I need to be a better listener and slow the pace a little bit. Practice savoring moments instead of spending them.

I'm guessing it's B, but really hoping it's A.

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Megan said...

White or grey! (end tables)
You're cute. It's a great reminder for us all. I can't believe this amazing season is coming to a close... wahhhh!