first date

It's time for the annual 12 dates of Christmas between Mr. B and I!

I thought I'd go back in the archives and see how past years went, and guess what?

We really stink at making it to the full 12 dates. Guess how many we've ever done?


As in DOS. The only spanish word I know.

This year is going to be different because I've already planned 5 of the dates.

I'm becoming a little more lenient when it comes to the official meaning of a date. So, say the husband says he wants to go to bed early and I say, "me too! and I can't wait to rub my cold feet on your legs!" - that's a date.

We accidentally reach for the milk at the same time? Date.

Going to get frozen yogurt (because why not when its 60 degrees?) and then going to see the magic tree? Definitely a date.

Mr. B - I'm excited to spend some much needed quality time with you during one the busiest months of the year. Thanks for always being my forever date.

to see past first dates click HERE and HERE.

happy December 1st!

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