Just thought I'd share some of my happy moments so far this week:

1- I've had this jacket/blazer for 3 years now and just realized that I can button it up all the way to the top! I can go from a "Hey I'm wearing a blazer!" look to a "my neck is cold!" look. Pretty fancy.

2- My shower curtain can now add 'selfie backdrop' to it's resume.

3. These lights we hung over the bed. they'll probably stay up there forever and ever.


4. My current favorite view. We have to push our chair back to the corner to make room for the tree and all the sudden we have the perfect reading nook. Even though it's not technically a nook.

And by reading nook I mean napping nook.

5- Adding another tree chunk to our collection. Mr. B pointed out that Copper's name didn't get on this years chunk - and I told him that it was dependent on if he chewed up this years Christmas cards or not.

Let's all cross our fingers.

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