vacation. well, sorta.

Mr. B is on "vacation" this week.

Every time I tell someone that, I laugh a little because a vacation to Mr. B entails getting up earlier than normal to go do farm work all day.

In 100 degree heat.

When I called him over lunch today to check in and be super nosey, he sounded like he was a 6 year old riding a roller coaster for the first time with cotton candy plastered all over his face.

Kallie! We just dropped off our first load of hay and it's going great! 

And I smiled and said a silent prayer - thanking Jesus for air conditioning.

In honor of him being on "vacation" I bought myself something.

It's going to rock your world.

Don't walk. RUN to Walmart. Or Target.

I added a little lot to my iced coffee this afternoon and sang to my coworkers. 

You can thank me later!

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