Just eat it.

There was a terrible accident on my way to work this morning.

The police had shut down half of the road and cars were being directed one by one in a line. I always find it ironic that with really bad accidents, come long slow lines. Just like at funerals. I hate it.

And of course as my car creeped slowly by the scene, I couldn't help it - I cried.

Then I got to work, and while I was re-applying my mascara, my coworker was talking about sending her senior off to his last first day of high school. Another coworker was taking her kindergartener to her first day of school. Another girl piped in about someone dying from cancer the day before and the sickness that her friend was fighting.

And in the middle of it all my boss walks in with Jaarsma donuts. Jaarsma. Donuts.

Now. All of us women know this hidden rule: eating donuts (or any junk food for that matter!) in front of other women is shameful. And when you want a second one? Honey, you just take that desire and turn it into a conversation about how you ran 5 miles this morning for your half marathon that you're training for.

Don't let them know. Conceal. Don't feel.

But you know what? I say eat the donut.

Celebrate the littlest of things. Life is happening, and you have no control over it. Those people in the accident woke up just like you and me.

What should I have for breakfast?
What am I going to wear today?
Why does my dog always jump on me? 

Just eat the donut.

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