a list.

Here's what's going through my mind at 10:00 on a Monday night:

I want to go camping. There is something really beautiful about everything being harder than usual, super inconvenient, not wearing makeup, and bug spray doubling as body wash.

I have felt an itch (nothing to do with bugs. moving along!) to start making pies. I can't decide if it's because I really want to, or because I saw the cutest pie book at the bookstore. I'm just feeling inspired, and that's a good thing, yeah?

It really bothers me that Mr. B pulls the curtain up like this before bedtime. Just look at it - all weird and not symmetrical. I've chosen not to say anything about it and just pray for his weird heart.
Lord, why does he hang that curtain like that? Please change his heart and not mine because mine doesn't need changing. Amen.

Speaking of Mr. B - for someone who I thought would never own a smartphone, now he sends me calendar invites to help our communication skills.

And staying on the Mr. B topic - I mean...

Lastly: there is something dead in our walls again and if it's a snake I'm moving to Europe because I just think it'd be amazing to live in Europe for a bit.

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