Galena Girls

Let's chat about a girls weekend.

I've always heard of these mythical amazing getaways where women come back saying,

"Oh myyyyy. I ate the best desserts this weekend."
"You should have seen the wine options, I about DIED."
"If I gave childbirth at my girls getaway it would have felt like a massage! That.good."

And honestly? It went in one ear and out the other.

But guys, I'M A BELIEVER.

My Mom, sisters and I went on a weekend trip and I'm tellin' ya - I could sell a trip to Galena, IL to the most rugged, masculine, strapping young man. He'd want to go tomorrow. And bring all his beefcake friends with him.

This is the first picture of the weekend. I think my Sister is praising Jesus. Or airing out her armpits. Or showing me that she can count to 10.

Words of wisdom: Don't make your own coffee at places where you're used to getting it made for you. Just don't do it. Save your dollars and feed a child from China!

We went on so many historical tours!
Just kidding.

You might be wondering what my Mom is doing in the above photo. Hint: it has to do with the horse on the 3rd floor. 

I actually feel sorry for everyone who doesn't have my Mom in their life. 

Sorry not sorry! She's amazing.

One of my favorite memories of the weekend was waking up early to go workout with my Sister. We were all like, " Oh yeah, let's just get our heart rate up and call it good."

Well. I about threw up. My calves grew 2 inches. And I almost met Jesus. 


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