If you know my husband - you know homeboy cannot sit still to save his life.

One time he took a nap with me on a Sunday afternoon - and I snuck away in the middle of it to take pictures and google "my husband never naps, and now he is..."

Guess what google said? That he had malaria.


I thought I'd showcase what Mr. B has been working on lately, besides planters.

It's even more exciting - sprayers!

I'm not sure how long he's been working on this bad boy. But after welding and painting - it's ready to kill some weeds. And hopefully some snakes too.

And check out the aftermath that stayed on his hands for a few days!

I took this picture because:
A - I think Mr. B's hands are the most manly thing in the world. 
B - So I could frame it and put in on my nightstand. 

Actually, I don't have a nightstand right now. 
Or a coffee table. 
Or an end table. 

The most indecisive girl you've ever met.

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