Year 2 Moments!

2 years! Woof.

Remember last year? That year was hard.

Year 2? Still hard - but so good! So good in fact, I thought we could take a little trip through this past year.

After our little trip to Omaha last year for our 1 year celebration - we celebrated Thanksgiving with Mr. B's family, and shortly after started our Brelsford tradition of cutting down our very first tree together.

In December, the first snow of the season hit when I was home alone, and then we traveled to Columbia to celebrate the holidays with my whole family. On Christmas Eve, we were snuggled up in the laundry room and I was almost asleep when Mr. B whispered, "This is the happiest I've ever been in my entire life."

In January, I was surprised with a trip to Washington D.C.! We walked everywhere, ate a lot of unhealthy food, realized the metro for everyday transportation would require dramamine, and found ourselves in the middle of the Lincoln Memorial reflecting pool writing our name on the frozen ground.

In March, Mr. B said he would play with our nieces and nephews everyday if he could.

In June, we had the annual camping trip at our house at again and realized that we like it better when our house is full rather than empty.

In July, we did a lot of biking and traveled to my parents house.

In August, we said goodbye to Gretchen and had a blast at the state fair.

In September, we celebrated birthdays and the cooler weather.

And now it's October, and we're still celebrating the smallest of wins, continuing to extend grace to each other, and trying so hard to do the dishes right after dinner.

Here's the year 3!

And year 4.

And after that I probably won't ever blog again.

Just kidding!


Becca G said...

AHH the part where Mr. B. says "this is the happiest he's ever been in his life"....I cried :) sigh...that is precious.

Laurie said...

Yeah!!! You really did blog again! So glad.....now can you work on your sister too! :)
Love you!

Megan said...

I totally cried at the "this is the happiest I've ever been" comment too… SO SO SWEET!!

Happy Day, you lovebirds.